We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Working together, we can make a difference. We are always looking for improvement in our environmental performance through our supply chain and taking positive, practical steps to reduce our impact on the local and global environment.

We have programmes in place to help our clients improve their environmental performance in a cost neutral way. We encourage our clients to order online with all order acknowledgements being sent by email. We also invoice electronically by default.

We strongly believe that, by working in partnership with you, we can make a difference and reduce the environmental impact of our business and yours. We are keen to work together to introduce a number of simple initiatives that are easy to integrate into your business and make sound environmental sense.

We don’t just provide office supplies but a whole range of other products and services which means fewer suppliers and less orders by consolidating all your products. This in turn reduces the number of deliveries, packaging, invoices, paperwork, natural resources and carbon emissions. By combining your products and services to one supplier, you can benefit from so many environmental advantages but also look forward to real cost savings too.

Please talk to us about your bespoke requirements.

Transport efficiency is a priority, through effective use of route planning software, we have and will continue to reduce mileage and CO2 emissions of our transport operations.


Consolidated Deliveries:

You can help by consolidating your orders into a single delivery run and increasing your order value. We are able to help you do this using our ordering software and management tools. Many clients now have deliveries made only on a specific day/s in the week.

Reduces your internal order processing time
Reduces the packaging required
Help us reduce our deliver Carbon Footprint and emissions
Reduces administration
Reduces overall spend

If goods are urgently required, we can still deliver next day as normal.


Our quarterly SMART Business Intelligence Meetings analyse all areas of your business putting  your environmental and services performance at your fingertips.

This process allows us to get to know your business and your environmental objectives.

If you have specific environmental targets, we will help you achieve your goals through analysing products, services and environmentally friendly product alternatives usage.

Each business has its own objectives, however we usually report on the following core areas:

Number of orders
Number of lines per order
Number of deliveries
Number of Recycla box's you have re-used
Percentage of orders placed online
Percentage of environmentally friendly products ordered

Environmentally Friendly Products:

Our partners hold ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations, and were the first office products wholesaler to earn the leading sustainability accreditations above.

The 5 Star Office range of toner cartridges is a genuinely sustainable choice, offering you a reliable, cost effective way to improve the needless waste of valuable materials and the use of landfill sites. Manufacturing of 5 Star Office printer cartridges essentially means the re-use of plastic and metals whilst saving energy and reducing waste.

All 5 Star remanufactured toner cartridges have an outer packaging that is made from 70% recycled card and both the plastic and card used in the packaging can be fully recycled. Cartridges are manufactured within locations accredited to ISO14001 and ISO9001. Cartridges comply with the requirements of Europe's REACH regulations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). Two year warranty on all toners. In the unlikely event that a faulty cartridge causes damage to a printer the cost of repair will be covered. ISO certification (ISO19752) for mono and ISO19758 for colour cartridges.
We supply a comprehensive range of cartridges from all the leading printer and fax brands including Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett Packard (HP), Lexmark, Samsung and Xerox

Recycling Services:

We recognise that merely being a supplier is no longer enough. It is equally as critical to support our customers in ensuring that the product is disposed of responsibly after it has been used and recycled where possible. We offer an extensive range of disposal and recycling services so that you can manage your responsibilities efficiently and securely.

Toner cartridge recycling
Battery recycling
WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
Furniture collection and recycling

Closed Loop:

We want to close the loop from just supplying copier paper to recycling it into a new product and then supplying paper again.

The Closed Loop service allows you to turn your waste paper into new 100% recycled copier paper that you can use and recycle again.

Comparable in cost
Closed Loop paper uses 50% less water, 60% less energy and 70% reduction in air pollution
To date, 2.5 million reams of Closed Loop copier paper has been produced with almost 100 acres of woodland saved