For our clients in London and parts of Surrey, we are delighted to be able to supply business catering. This includes Sandwich Platters, Working Lunch Menus, Breakfasts and Event Catering.

Contact us for more information and a link to our menu's.

Being responsible for the ordering of food for meetings is not an exact science – particularly when you don’t know the likes and dislikes of the people attending.  Using our partners website to order enables you to see in advance what you will receive.  You can even send links to your potential attendees from the website so they can assist in choosing a menu option.  After all, it’s one thing caterers mentioning fancy names on a website and on their menus only for you ( and your clients ) to be disappointed when the food arrives as it’s never what you thought it would be or how it should be presented. 

We believe that a great caterer is also a reflection of your organisation and you individually.  



Products in our Kitchen and Barware Catalogue have ranges to help you Store food, Prepare food, Cook food, Serve food, Present food, Clear away and Wash Up