Chocolate Week

Back in 2016 Smart Business Supplies celebrated chocolate week by listing the top 10 chocolate bars within the office at that time, with very few members of staff from that time remaining we wondered how different the list would turn out this year………


2016                                                                    2018

1.    Double Decker                                             Kinder Bueno
2.    Kit Kat Chunky                                            Mars Bar                                     
3.    Maltesers                                                     Flake
4.    Minstrels                                                      Maltesers
5.    Cadburys fruit and nut                              Double Decker
6.    Toblerone                                                    Twix
7.    Galaxy Ripple                                               Lion Bar
8.    Crunchie                                                      Cadbury’s Caramel
9.    Snickers                                                        Toffee Crisp
10.   Mars Bar                                                     Picnic



We also asked the team for their favourite chocolate ‘Spin Off’s some of the things that were said are

Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Souffle

Strawberries dipped in chocolate

Chocolate Spread

Do you agree with the Smart Teams chocolate choices?