Royal Wedding

The long awaited royal wedding is finally here so we have put together some facts about previous royal weddings to get you in the spirit!

·         Queen Victoria first popularized the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress and the tradition of decorating your wedding cake with figurines of the bride and groom on top

·         When The Queen married Prince Philip the ceremony was broadcast over the radio to 200 million people. She also had to save ration stamps to buy the fabric for her wedding dress. On the day of her wedding, her tiara snapped. The court jeweller was rushed by police escort to his work room and repaired it before the bride left for Westminster Abbey

·         The first royal wedding ever televised took place on May 6, 1960, when Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister, married photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones (who became Lord Snowdon). It was broadcast by the BBC to a worldwide audience of 300 million. Most royal families of Europe disapproved of a princess marrying a photographer. Queen Ingrid of Denmark was the only foreign queen to attend the ceremony.


·         The media attention was so intense surrounding Diana’s dress that the designers threw out decoy scraps of different white fabrics each night to throw off the press. The dress had a 25 foot train which is the longest ever worn by a royal bride. Diana was the first royal bride to leave out “obey” from her wedding vows.

·         Diana made a ‘Ross’ mistake by calling Charles by the wrong name during the ceremony. She vowed to love “Philip Charles Arthur George….even royals get nervous!

·         Kate Middleton did her own make up on her wedding day

·         At William and Kate’s wedding, William and Harry wore custom designed military uniforms with built-in sweat guard’s so they didn’t wilt under the bright television lights in the cathedral.

·         William does not wear a wedding ring. But Charles does. We wonder if Harry will?!?!?

·         Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron’s wife, Samantha, made headlines when she broke with tradition and did not wear a hat to the wedding. One outraged Englishman called the fashion faux pas “treason” on Twitter.

·         The wedding days of Diana and Charles and William and Kate were national holidays. But as we are all aware Meghan and Harry’s big day will not be a day off for us.