Get Crafty

Our tips for the perfect Crafternoon

Crafting Products.jpg

Here at Smart Business, we love getting crafty and using multiple products from our own range to do so. And considering it’s National Stationery Week, we thought we would share these tips with you so you can join in with the fun.
Here are our favourite crafting products to use:


1. Our Business Branded Coloured Paper
Our first suggestion is our Business branded coloured card. Ideal for papercrafts, scrapbooking and more, this card is perfect for brightening up a dull afternoon. The different colours are perfect for alternating for different projects, whether it’s at home with the kids or at the office decorating a notice board! 


2. Sharpie Permanent Markers
Anyone who enjoys crafting knows that having a good permanent marker pen makes a big difference to whatever project you’re doing. The quick drying ink means you don’t have worry about smudging and ruining your hard work. The fact these pens can write on most surfaces also means your crafting options are endless in terms of what materials you can use, which is why it makes it one of our favourite products!

3. Pritt Copydex Adhesive Glue
With all the different fabrics and materials used in crafting, one thing that is needed to tie it all together is a strong glue. One of our top recommendations for this is our Pritt Copydex Adhesive Glue. Even though it takes 20 minutes on average to dry, it still remains a strong adhesive which will guarantee to hold your project together! 

Colouring Pencils.jpg

4. Derwent Academy Colouring Pencils
Colouring pencils! Because everyone loves them. We love using them because these high-quality pencils come in a variety of different colours, and are proven to blend together smoothly to create additional shades. We would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a day of crafting that involves colouring and drawing.

5. Uniball Pin Pens
This last recommendation is perfect for writing and drawing. Being light resistant makes the pen a great art tool as work can be displayed and will not fade even under continuous exposure to light. For anyone wanting to write out some fancy invitations, or for a simple calligraphy effect, these pens are perfect.