Our Favourite Easter Eggs

Here at Smart Business Supplies, we have had a very hard job recently of trying to find you the best of this year’s selection of Easter eggs. Here are our favourites



The Rocky Road Extra Thick Easter Egg by Hotel Chocolate

A huge milk chocolate egg with one half filled with rice puffs, chocolate chunks and crunchy cookies then the other with caramel milk chocolate. Inside the egg are 12 individual chocolates.







The Real Easter Egg

The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter on and in the box.

Inside is an illustrated Easter story in the shape of a cross, a 125g milk chocolate egg and a 25g Fairtrade milk chocolate bar. A charity donation is made from each sale.




Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg by Harrods

Hand-painted for effect, this artisan Easter egg is from the Harrods Food Halls. smooth gianduja chocolates are inside.







Cocoa Loco Marbled Chocolate Easter egg

The swirling, marbled appearance of this egg is created by a blend of white, milk and dark chocolate. The thick-shelled egg is certified Fairtrade and organic





Balloon Egg Dark by Artisian du Chocolat

Raspberry white chocolate and Colombian dark chocolate marbled balloon eggs with sweet lace edible strings and assorted dark mini eggs.

Also available in milk chocolate with passion fruit white chocolate and milk chocolate marbled balloon eggs with sweet lace edible strings and assorted milk dark mini eggs








Milk chocolate and cookies mouse egg by Artisian du Chocolat

Giant rainbow cookies ears, big chocolate eyes to salted caramel biscuit toes.

Also available in dark chocolate




Prestat Red Velvet Truffle Easter Egg:

White chocolate and raspberry shell with red velvet truffles inside.






Bettys Imperial Easter Egg

Named after the Imperial Suite at our Café Tea Rooms in Harrogate. Decorated with beautiful spring flowers, it contains over five kilos!! of high quality milk or dark chocolate – all of it made by hand.