Worst Christmas Presents

On Christmas morning as you are unwrapping all your presents, there’s always one isn’t there, always one that makes you think…… ‘what was that person thinking.’ So to make you feel better we’ve compiled a list of some of the worse Christmas presents people have received, that will you make you think that donation in your name isn’t so bad after all!

·         A very nice sweater that someone had worn, stained, and regifted to me

·         A subscription to the Nutrisystem weight-loss program

·         A turquoise man-kini. I am 60 years old and weigh 250 pounds

·         A book titled 101 Wines Under £5

·         Lego. I’m a 34-year-old woman.

·         A used spatula

·         One Slipper

·         A 6 pack of AA batteries….with only 4 left in the packet.

·         Temporary metallic glitter tattoos, made for a girl of 6-10 years old (butterflies and phrases like GIRLS RULE)…When I was 15….and male

·         My mum gave my sisters and I some toilet bowl cleaner in our stocking. When asked why, she just said that it was a good cleaner she had discovered.

·         Previously used underwear

·         A rock wrapped in crumpled newspaper

·         A used cookbook by the same people who gave my little sister a full snowboarding kit

·         A previously used, incomplete set of 101 Dalmatians colouring pencils.

·         One year my mother gave me a light pink rabbit fur poncho. 1) I have not worn pink my entire life. 2) I am allergic to rabbit and my mother knows this. And 3) Um... it was a PONCHO! I will never forget that my friend, who was with me when I opened it, casually took it away from me and said, ‘Friends don't let friends wear ponchos

·         A cardboard banker’s box with firewood and a garlic braid inside.

·         A mouse candle. The mouse was glued to a real mousetrap. When you lit the candle the mouse appeared to be melting

·         A poundland box of chocolates. When I opened it, half the chocolate was missing and one had a bite taken out of it

·         My sister gave me back her birthday present 5 or 6 years later. Not so bad right? Wrong! She had never even unwrapped it, and it was personalized