Top 10 Festive Office Product Essentials

Now bonfire night has gone, the John Lewis Christmas advert is out, and the days are colder it's time to think about preparations for Christmas. If you want to keep colleagues and clients happy, and ensure no last minute panics, we have listed our 10 essential office products for every Santa-conscious workplace:

1. Tape

It’s easy to forget that the wrapping of presents isn’t just done in the home. With office Secret Santa rituals and customer gifts all needing wrapping, a supply of gift paper and sticky tape is a must. No-one wants to have to hand over a present to a colleague in a hastily found carrier bag or discover the existing supplies of tape have run out shortly before the postal collection is due, so do everyone a favour by stocking up now.

2. Scissors

Nothing feels better than sharp new scissors gliding through wrapping paper. If your set of office scissors is looking a little old and blunted, now is the perfect time to invest in some new, sharp and shiny paper cutters.

3. Postal packs, padded bags and polythene envelopes

The right type of packaging matters. Whether you’re posting presents out to clients or ensuring staff can transport their gifts home safely and easily, postal packs and padded bags are the key. Postal packs designed for sending out books, CDs and DVDs and usually come with a tear around strip making them easy to open. Padded bags are a great way of ensuring any more delicate contents are better protected than in an envelope or brown paper.
Go Secure polythene envelopes are an ideal solution for protecting parcels in all weathers, even when they’re left outside.

4. Metallic marker pens

Adding a touch of shine and effervescence to every Christmas card and label, metallic marker pens give a special and more personal feel to everything handwritten.

5. Photo paper

With digital images easy to forget or lose in among the array of data on smartphones, hard copies of photos taken at events and celebrations over the year can be printed off on the office printer and presented to colleagues and customers as an extra Christmas time thank you.

6. Diary

2017 is just around the corner and once Christmas is finished we’ll all be focussing on the next 12 months and making our New Year’s Resolutions, so stock up on those 2017 diaries now.

Don’t forget this little helper will be on your desk and in your hand for the next 12 months so make sure it’s in the format you need and reflects your style.

7. Stationery gifts

Everybody loves the best stationery brands and the latest stationery items. Premium products like Moleskine books or novelty desk products such as post-it note dispensers make great gifts for all ages.

8. Chalk / glass markers

Let your imagination run wild and use glass markers to give any window that Christmas feel. You can fill a space with festive favourites or cheeky caricatures that give your office spaces a bright feel during the shortest days.

9. Batteries

It’s always worth preparing for the Christmas period by stocking up on AA and AAA batteries. Nothing is more frustrating than the electronic gift with the dreaded ‘batteries not included’ on the box.

10. Correction Tape

Yes, there’s a place for correction tape. If you have a limited number of labels or are writing out the last personalised Christmas card, a wrongly spelled name is easy to correct with the help of this easy to use product.