Which of these Office Personalities do you recognise?

The office is full of different personalities. How many of these 20 do you recognise? Did we miss anyone out?

- The Workaholic

Ambitious, Aggressive, Independent, Focussed and Volatile. First in and last out of the office with no interest in co-workers or their home life.

- The Noisemaker

Whistling, humming, singing, sniffing, knuckle cracking, mobiles not set to vibrate and gum chewing. These people are oblivious how infuriating their noises are to those around them

- The Passive Aggressor

They are always letting everyone know how busy they are or how late the stay. They are always complaining that they have the largest and most "insane" workload. They can also be found leaving notes around the office reminding others to turn lights off, wash up your bowls, refill the coffee pot or not put hand towels down the toilet.

- The Cool Guy/Girl

They’re the person who breaks all the rules and is a really bad influence on the office. They are out drinking at lunch time, are always late and have no respect for authority. They act and behave as untouchable and, usually, get away with it.

- The Backstabber

As nice as can be to your face but always in direct contact with management. They take your ideas and confidential gossip to use for their own benefit.

- The Antisocial Cook

This is the person who will always cook the strongest smelling food in the microwave spreading the stench through the office for the rest of the day. Speciality is fish or spicy food. They also leave half eaten food in the fridge to go mouldy and leave their dirty plates in the sink

- My Parent is the Boss

If daddy or mummy wasn't the boss you know that they would have never got the job. There is also nothing you can do about their rise through the ranks while you stay firmly on the same rung of the ladder

-The Chatterbox

This person can convert a 30 second conversation to a torturous 30 minute boring story. The story usually revolves around them.

- The Brown-Noser

There are few things more cringe worthy than watching a somebody sucking up to the boss, especially when the boss responds positively. Worse still, chances are the brown-noser will be so fixated on the boss that he’ll treat you with indifference and neglect the work he’s meant to be doing with you.

- The Meeting Maker

There is nothing this person likes more than a pointless meeting / sending an outlook meeting request / chasing you up for you response to the meeting request.

- The Work Experience

At first they are OK but their boundless energy and questioning soon grinds you down. 

- The E-mailer

Even though this person sits opposite you or in the same room your inbox is flooded with questions they could have just asked in person. Also known to share another 'cute picture' of their dog.

- The Downer

Nothing ever goes right for this person. They never agree with the decisions the boss makes and is always looking for another job. They are usually one of the longest serving members of staff

- The Sharer

Nothing is off the table when having a conversation with this person. Although having already been warned by HR they continue to talk about their health problems, relationship issues and in depth detail of their weekend

- The Email Black Hole

It’s unclear whether or not this person understands how email works. They’re not responding to your email. They never have and they never will. It’s a lost cause

- The Buzz Worder

Just talk normally! Pretend we’re real people having a conversation. This person opens their mouth and out comes a stream of corporate nonsense. 

- The Over Communicator

Sends you 5 emails and then calls to make sure you got them. Has no problem in leaving you 5 voice mails over the space of 10 minutes.

- The Paper Shuffler

Always rushing around with a file or sheets of paper and never able to help or do the work you need help with.

- The Lone Worker

This person has no desire to socialise or engage with their colleagues. Not interested in a happy hour drink after work or attending any work social events. 

- The Notice Period

This person has handed in their notice and gives everyone a daily countdown on how long they have left. Refuses to take on anything new and is just 'coasting down the hill'. Usually relishing the exit interview to let the boss know 'a few home truths'!