Preparing your workplace for the New Year: 5 Top Tips


It’s that time of year where focusing on anything other than Christmas can be difficult. However, whilst you’re winding down for the year and counting down the days to your festive break, there’s another important thing you should be thinking about – a plan for 2018.

Preparing your business for the new year can be incredibly rewarding, as it means you can get ahead of the game and find yourself in the perfect place to start the year. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare:

1. Get your accounts in order

This is possibly the most important thing to do at the end of the year. Prepare your accounts for tax filings, make sure that all documentation is ordered, and complete any outstanding payments that need to be cleared before the end of the year. With the new GDPR legislation coming into effect in May, it would also be an idea to go through your documents and decide what data needs destroying and what needs saving to avoid any data loss or breaches over the Christmas break. 

2. Declutter your email inbox

It might sound like a simple job, but most of us don’t realise how cluttered our inboxes can get throughout the year. From automatic out-of-office replies to the spam in your junk folder, you should try and get rid of all the unnecessary emails that take up the space in your inbox. This will most certainly give you an organised start to the new year, and it’ll leave your inbox looking fresh and clean for when you return from your break.

3. Have an end-of-year team meeting

Gather your team together and have a discussion on what worked well, what didn’t work well, and what can be done to improve efficiency. You can then take on board what is discussed and use it as a guide for 2018 in hopes you can learn and adapt from what the feedback has been for 2017.

4. Figure out your goals and strategies for 2018

Once you have finished your team meeting, you can then outline what goals and strategies you will aim for in the new year. You may have different goals as an individual compared to your other work colleagues, but you should also have a collective goal as a business to give everyone something to work towards as a team. Ideally, you should set out plans for improvements and changes now while they are fresh in your mind (you’ll be surprised how blank your mind goes in January when you try to think of these things)

5. Clean up your work space

Unless you’re the most organised person in the office, you will no doubt have a desk full of documents, paper, stationery and post-it notes. Preferably, your final job before you break up for the Christmas holidays should be to clear up your work-space. You can file, bin or shred what isn’t relevant for the new year, leaving your desk looking neat, tidy and ready for 2018. Then when you return from your festivities, you will arrive back into your office to a fresh and organised desk.

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